Factories act 1948

The Factories Act 1948 consolidating and amending the law on workers at factories was passed by the Constituent Assembly on August 28, 1948. This act was approved by the Governor-General of India on 23 September 1948. And entered into force …

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Dignity of Labour meaning in Hindi

Dignity of Labour meaning in Hindi – श्रम की गरिमा The Dignity of Labour meaning in Hindi – श्रम की गरिमा, यह विश्वास है कि सभी प्रकार की नौकरियों को एक समान रूप से सम्मान किया जाना चाहिए। किसी भी …

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Job Insurance

As we all know that life insurance, health insurance, vehicle insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, mobile insurance, appliances insurance, business insurance etc. etc. etc. are available with by many different insurance providers.But Not a single Job Loss Insurance provider is available for …

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