laid off meaning

Laid off meaning

To understand the Laid off meaning, first, we have to Lay off. The word Layoff means the act of an employer suspending or terminating a worker. It can be either temporarily or permanently, for any reason other than an employee’s …

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Dignity of Labour

The dignity of labour is the belief that all types of jobs are respected equally. And no occupation is considered superior and no job should be discriminated against on any grounds. Regardless of whether one’s occupation involves physical labour or …

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India’s 1st Solution from Job Cuts

EmpRyts is India’s 1st and only platform to help all employee/ labours/ workers to protect their Jobs from any upcoming issues related to their job (lay-off, wrongful termination, Salary issues,Workplace harassment, Sexual harassment, discrimination at workplace etc.) through our risk management services in the form of Yearly Subscriptions Package – “Full Job Protection Package”. Currently no company/ NGOs/ government is trying to help these employees in India.

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