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EmpRyts is India’s 1st & Only
“Job Protection Provider” Company.
Which Provides Complete Job Protection Solution for all Employees, from any upcoming Job-related issues.
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You can protect your Job from any upcoming job related issues with our Full Job Protection Package.

It will cost you, just Rs. 1100/- per year.

You can only buy Full Job Protection Package through our website.

Our founders and 80+ Legal Experts are behind the organization to protect your Job?

Till now more than 6000 employee’s and labour’s has trusted us. And we helped more than 1000’s of employees in getting their job related problems resolved.

Job Protection package duration is for 1 year. After a year you have to renew it only for Rs. 1100.

We provides Full Job Protection for all employees, labour’s or workers irrespective of their work, salary, designation, industry, location etc.

Yes, in such situations also we will help you, with our on demand customized services.

*Jobs Protected - It means the no. of employees/labours/workers has protected their Job's with Empryts Full Job Protection packages. *Insurance word is only used to make you understand about Job Protection Policy.

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