Full Job Protection Package

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  • Free Counseling
  • Free Consultation
  • Free Labour law advice
  • Free Notice sending & Case filing
  • Free Auditing of critical documents
  • Free & Full Case representation by our Lawyers
  • Provides full legal support when matter is into Labour Court or Civil Court etc…


The Yearly Subscription Package @ Rs 1100/- Only**

Full Risk Management Services for Employees, Labour, or Workers in issues related to their Employment/Job.

We Provide Full Support in the field of Risk Management, Audit of critical documents, Provides Full Legal support in case of any type of Employment-related issues. We provide you complete legal support in all upcoming issues like illegal termination, Workplace Discrimination, Workplace Harassment, Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, Improper deductions, Overtime & Minimum Wage, Delayed Salary, Layoffs, Wrongful termination, Laid off, Job Cuts, Job Loss, Firing an Employee, Demotions, Hostile work environment, Whistleblower Retaliation, Retaliation at Work, Any Unlawful activity at the workplace, etc.

Employees will get all services for free like – Counseling, Consultation, Labour law advice, Notice sending & Case filing, Complete Auditing of critical documents, Free & Full Case representation by our Advocates, Provides full legal support when the matter is into Labour Court or Civil Court till that matter disposed of.

**This Complete package Mrp is Rs.2200/Year. In the launch offer, we are giving a 50% discount. This yearly subscription package starts from the date and time of purchase (i.e. on the date of payment credited to our account) and it is valid till 365 days from the date of purchase. And all above Free services will be provided to Subscribers for the issues or matters arising during membership tenure (i.e. only after 30 days of purchase of a subscription), related to Subscriber Employment/Current job. However, to know more about job protection package & job loss insurance click here. Our aim is to provide full job loss insurance for all employees/ labours/ workers at a very economical price. To know more about full terms & conditions in detail please click here

2 reviews for Full Job Protection Package

  1. Pawan Thakur (verified owner)

    Very nice and economical service for labour & employees. And there team is very helpful and supportive.

  2. Raju kumar (verified owner)

    Amazing package and very Professional team, good work ethics, extraordinary legal team.

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