Wrongful Termination

Finding your dream job isn’t easy, and keeping it secure is another stumbling stone. But not to worry. EmpRyts – India’s 1st and only Job Protection service provider is here to help. We manage everything from workplace harresment to illegal or Wrongful termination can work stress-free and up to your fullest potential.

Employee issues like unlawful dismissal from the job

Employees/ Labours/ Workers are facing many Job-Related issues in their day to day life like lay off, unlawful dismissal, Salary deduction & Wage issues, Overtime issues workplace harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination at the workplace etc.

To know more about our precisely curated Job Protection packages contact us.

Protect your Job from Wrongful Termination

We at EmpRyts is providing you

India’s 1st & only “Job Protection”

Protect your Job now – To Save & Secure your Job, Status, Family, Future…


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Deepak Kumar

Founder & CEO
EmpRyts ( Employee Rights)
On a mission to provide Job Insurance that will give full Job protection to all employees, labours and workers across the country.

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